Support and promotion

Картинка Support
  • Картинка Support and maintenance of websites
    Support and maintenance of websites

    We do not only create websites. Senseway provides the whole range of services aimed at your resource improvement.

    Have you noticed that many websites cease to exist when their owners start operating them without professional assistance? We believe that this approach is wrong. We develop websites and stay friends with our customers. We are always available for them. Improvements can be paid separately or within the agreed support of the resource, if they are regular.

  • Картинка Related materials design
    Related materials design

    Various types of content such as banners and promotional materials are often posted on websites. We will make necessary design according to your corporate style. We recommend that you continue to cooperate with us after the development of your website. In this case you can be sure that all the pictures, promos, photos and videos will be made according to your concept.

    Such cooperation will ensure integrity, purity of the code and a long, successful life of your resource.

  • Картинка Seminars, courses and meetings
    Seminars, courses and meetings

    Offline and online advertising, development of a website and personal brand are not enough to create a positive and comprehensive opinion about your company. It is also important to hold meetings, presentations and seminars. In the framework of long-term cooperation, senseway provides design and copywriting services within the organization of these events.

    We will help you to open new and promising channels for promotion of your products and services.

  • Картинка Testing and additional development
    Testing and additional development

    Our team will be there for you. As a part of the support, we can develop new solutions for your website. Besides, senseway provides continuous testing and refinement of existing functional solutions.

    This service is another undeniable advantage of long-term cooperation with us.

  • Картинка Quality-of-service improvement
    Quality-of-service improvement

    Over time, any services and functional elements of websites become obsolete. Promotional and advertising channels become irrelevant. Various social networks appear and die. Senseway will help you to stay in the forefront of progress assisting you with new promotions, presentations and trainings, product design and promotion as well as with functional elements of your website.

    We will help you to represent yourself among competitors and consumers anywhere any time as efficiently as possible.

Картинка Promotion
  • Картинка Internal optimization
    Internal optimization

    Internal optimization includes the elimination of critical technical errors in the operation of your website, development of the correct structure for your website, improvement of the level of usability (how convenient it is to use your resource) and the implementation of necessary requirements to improve the position in the search results.

  • Картинка SEO (natural growth)
    SEO (natural growth)

    The promotion of a website is based on a list of search queries. The semantic core of your website is formed from this list. The effectiveness of your company's promotion and the positions of key pages directly depend on the quality of the requests selected for promotion and the created resource structure.

  • Картинка SEA promotion (yandex and google tools)
    SEA promotion (yandex and google tools)

    The contextual advertising offered by such search resources as yandex and google is implied here. This type of promotion will quickly bring your website to the top positions in the search results.

  • Картинка Social media marketing and promotion
    Social media marketing and promotion

    Smm is a part of marketing and communication strategy of every modern company. This set of tools will help you to promote your company or brand by means of social networks.

  • Картинка Interaction with specialized mass media
    Interaction with specialized mass media

    To create a favourable image of your company it is necessary to use the opinions of various sources of information having influence and reputation in your field. Senseway will help you create a target pool and administer the working process.